We design and produce attractive, impacting covers and book
jackets that stand-out on bookstore shelves, in exhibits, and on the Internet - and that sell your book.

We do not use “preset cover-templates,” and are not locked into a preconceived artistic style. Instead, each cover is uniquely created to sell the topic of your individual book. You own all rights to the covers and logos we create for you.

BACK COVER SALES COPY: We can write (or aid you in writing) sales copy for your back cover and end flaps, produce galleys and ARCs, and guide you in soliciting review testimonials for the back cover and flaps.

PRINTER BIDDING & COORDINATION: We can arrange for economical printing from a wide range of printers both in the U.S. and overseas. We have saved publishers thousands of dollars by finding and negotiating the lowest prices from the best printers, and securing the best credit terms and turn-around times. We can also advise you about paper selection, cover lamination, foil and embossing, various types of bindings, and coordinate the entire printing, shipping and warehousing process. We can also set-up Distribution if you request.

We are not a "printing broker" -- you know exactly who is printing your book and what the printing and shipping costs are.

Usually the front cover is designed first, as this is the all important “sales poster” for your book that will appear in ads, on bookstore shelves, and on the internet. The back cover and end flaps, which contain the description and advertising for your book are created later, after you have established your book's unique selling points and secured several review testimonials. Finally, the spine is finished just prior to printing (because the width of the spine is determined by the thickness of the paper stock provided by the printer). We provide covers ready-for-printing, usually on a computer disk with a color proof-print.

E-BOOK COVERS & DISTRIBUTION: If you are publishing an E-Book, we can produce the front cover and coordinate E-Book Conversion of your cover and page files. We can also set-up Print-On-Demand (POD) and E-Book Distribution if you request.

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, Sports

Self Help, Marriage, Parenting, Education

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